"No coaches!"  - Alex, player

"Exciting basketball played in a relaxed atmosphere, where there are many teams and the gym is full of kids."  - John, parent

"Being able to hang out with friends and play basketball!"  - Hannah, player

"You get to choose your own teams and it is FUN!"   - Natalie, player

"That you get to play lots of games and choose your own teams!"   - Alyse, player

"It's a fun and exciting way to play basketball. It can be competitive if you want it to be or just go have fun with friends." - Zach, player

"Hanging out with my friends and winning the CHAMPS t-shirts!"   - Matt, player

"That my kids get to play with their friends and hang out in a casual atmosphere - no coaching! They learn to play as a team without someone telling them what to do!"  - Jane, parent

"The added opportunity to get some fast-paced, fun basketball time in. Not having coaches changes the way many kids play, they let it go and have more fun!" 
- Krystal, parent

"Hanging out in the gym playing and watching basketball."  - Pat, player

"IT IS FUN!"  - Tyler, player

"Just wanted to thank you for another fun 3 v 3 season this Spring. ...heard rave reviews from my daughter and her teammates about how much fun they had playing ball. I can't imagine the sheer volume of work it is to run these things, but please know it's much appreciated!! Anytime we can keep girls loving and wanting to play ball, it's always a good thing I think. Thanks again for your time and enthusiasm. We'll see you in the Fall."

- Becca, parent

"We have always enjoyed this league and you do an awesome job keeping it all on track. Thanks so much for all you do to make this a great time for the kids."

- Nancy, parent

"We did the Midwest 3 on 3 in 2006 in two different locations the best thing about it is that it is very well organized, timely and the girls had a blast. It is a great alternative and helps you grow your skills and aggressively compete in basketball."
- Paul, parent

"Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how impressed I am with what you are doing in Champlin Park. Our girls are having a blast and the parents are digging it too. I know this is something we are going to want to do in Wayzata."
- Mike, parent

"I just need to tell you THANK YOU for running your 3 on 3 leagues. Last year, Brandon played post on his traveling team. During the summer and fall, he participated in both your Champlin Park league and Forest Lake league. I knew he was having fun doing it nit didn't know how much it was helping him. When the traveling season started up again, so many people commented on how Brandon seemed much more confident, how his ball handling had improved, how he was making great moves to get more shots, etc. It was fun for both of us to hear! I know all this happened becasue he played 3 on 3 and got to work on things he wasn't asked to do on his traveling team. Thank you for offering these leagues and providing a great opportunity for kids to improve their skills. Keep it up!" 
- Tammy, parent

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! We appreciate all of your hard work. 3 on 3 is something my kids look forward to all year!
Looking forward to another good experience this summer."
- Kaye, parent

"The Midwest 3on 3 basketball program is one of the best run youth sport programs we have ever encountered. Our son learned skills, sportsmanship, team-work and dedication during this program. His favorite part was being able to coach themselves. I will strongly encourage any youth - boy or girl - to take advantage of this wonderful program. We will be back!"
- Roger and Lisa, parents

"The best thing about Midwest 3 on 3 is the low key approach to improve basketball skills. It is a throwback in time when kids could just form teams by themselves and play basketball without all of the pressure. A great change up to AAU and Travel Ball."
- Mike, parent

"Thanks again for the 3 on 3 league. Toby and Dusty had a lot of fun and are looking forward to playing again next year."
- Gina, parent

"Thanks again for bringing your 3 on 3 league to Forest Lake. It was a great experience for our community, program and me. I am really looking forward to this league growing and expanding in the future. And thanks again for all of your hard work. There have been so many positive comments! With the money we have earned we have purchased a video camera, tripod and case, digital scout equipment and off-set costs for our two out-of-town trips."
- Jennifer, Forest Lake Girls Varsity Basketball Coach

"This has been a great experience. The girls have really enjoyed playing ball this way. Thank you for all your hard work."
- Kim, parent

"I have three daughters 12, 13 and 15 and have been encouraging them to "pick up" games at the park etc. to no avail. Your program is exactly what I have had in mind. I truly appreciate your philosophy, dedication and desire to encourage kids to "free" play. With three daughters giving them role models and helping them to become role models are areas my wife and I struggle with. I think this type of program gives girls a great opportunity to build relationships with girls of different ages and communities. Keep up the good work!"
- Paul, parent




December 27, 2014
Champlin Park High School